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Media Kit: 

So you want to have an app reviewed by Our team at  Awesome! ‘Cause we love reviewing apps. But as you can imagine, there are a lot of apps out there, and not so many hours in the day. Therefore here are a few suggestions you should include in the submission of your app gets noticed and get included fast.

  • Include your contact information. At the very least, an e-mail address.
  • Skip the wind-up. What’s the name of your app, and what does it do? We appreciate brevity.
  • Make the review is not widely distributed on many sites if it is, at least 1 or 2, we love unique stuff, so does Google
  • Include a link to your app. If it’s on the Android Market, include the Market link.
  •  Indicate the number of downloads if any
  • Screenshots are a plus. And first impressions are everything. Make sure they’re good.
  1. And if you’re showing us a demo video, make sure it’s not of the same app on an iPhone. We’ll reject those on principle, ya know?.

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Our Rates

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You can reach us :

1.Whatsapp: 0968001187