bestie selfie
bestie selfie
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Bestie Selfie Camera360



Bestie Selfie Camera360: Are you looking for a selfie app, that can perform a lot of functions? Taking selfies has become a common trend nowadays, but finding a perfect app with a lot of free features/ filters is maddening. This is where Bestie camera360 selfie comes in. I stumbled upon is app while searching on the play store and automatically loved it and it usually complements with my other personal favourite Foodie. Try it you won’t regret my combo.

The following are the full features of the App

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  1. Skin Beautifying effects: Bastie comes with amazing skin-beautifying effects, the app allows one to change skin colour, adjust eyeball, nose, smart acne(This a skin condition with red pimples on the skin, mostly with found with white-skinned people), pimples and blemish removal.bestie selfie app
  2. Free Filters: The app has a good number of free filters that give your picture a unique look. The list of Awesome filters is interesting I loved almost all of them.

  1. Auto Capture: Bestie selfie camera360 allows one to auto-capture a selfie. This is one of my favourite hacks because sometimes you just hold a phone a certain position and app capture a pic. No need for stretching your fingers anymore to snap a selfie.
bestie selfie
bestie selfie
  1. Powerful Editor: The app comes with a powerful editor for editing photos taken. One can even decorate the pic taken with different decor features such as dog ears, winks, emojis, accessories etc
  2. Touch capture: Unlike other apps that only take pics with a pic button or up-volume button, Best selfie app gives you an option for screen capture. This whilst holding your phone tap any part of the screen, done a pic is taken.
  3. Screen Orientation: The App comes with different screen type like; 3:4, 1:1, 9:16 and collage of 2, 4, 6 which can landscape or portrait.
  4. Time: you even set a timer to allow to fully prepare of the action.

In conclusion, I would recommend bestie Selfie Camera360 to some who loves taking pictures and editing then to give a different feel………..Did I leave out any feature comment below for me to update and improve the article…

Available of Google Play