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Brilliant, Almost the Internet of Things
Brilliant: Almost the Internet of Things

Brilliant: Almost the Internet of Things

Our Story: Brilliant was founded by Aaron Emigh, Steven Stanek, and Jeremy Hiatt, veteran technology entrepreneurs who joined together to simplify the smart home. 
Brilliant: Almost the Internet of ThingsIt all started when Aaron began remodelling his home and installed some smart home products. They were great as individual devices, but Aaron soon realized that the more he installed. The worse the experience got. Navigating between multiple apps just to adjust the lights, lock the door, or set the thermostat was complicated. Adding to the frustration, controlling the home exclusively through his mobile phone felt unnatural and awkward.
Seeing an opportunity to elevate the smart home experience, Aaron, Steven, and Jeremy teamed up. As they saw it, controlling our home environments should be as simple as flipping a switch. There’s a light switch in every room, and it’s already the home control that we use most often, so it made sense to replace light switches with smart controls that make it easy and natural for you to interact directly with your home. 

The first product, the Brilliant Home Control, launched September 6th 2018.



What is Brilliant and what does it do?

Brilliant is a smart home control that replaces any existing light switch to give you control over all your smart home systems, such as light, music, climate, doorbells, locks and whatever comes next. There’s a built-in video camera that can be used for things like video intercom and baby cams. Amazon Alexa is built in, so you get voice control throughout your home as well as all of the Alexa functions. In addition, Brilliant is the first 3rd party device to provide visual responses to spoken Alexa commands.

Brilliant smart home

Brilliant replaces your existing light switch and becomes the smart control system for your home. It has a familiar iPhone-sized touch screen which makes it intuitive and easy for anyone in your house to turn on, off, or dim your smart lights, and can also be used to control other smart home products like Nest, Sonos, August Locks, Wemo, Ring, and more. Brilliant also has voice, video, and motion control capabilities, for hands-free use as well as in-home intercom. No longer do you have to dig around for your mobile phone and find the right app or worry about guests not knowing how to control your home. Brilliant unifies your home and simplifies your daily actions.  
Brilliant help you create the perfect home environment. It can display any image like your own personal photos, seasonal art, or even motion art to add a personalized touch to each room. Amazon Alexa Voice Services built-in, so you can just tell it what you want, whether that’s a weather forecast, your favourite sports team’s latest score, or an Uber. You can call between rooms using the built in video intercom, or combine your favourite settings in “scenes” to instantly set the ideal mood in the house for waking up, dinner time, or relaxing. Systems like these historically have cost upwards of $20,000 and involve complicated custom installations – Brilliant is under $300 and can be installed in minutes.

Why is now the right time for Brilliant? What problem does it solve?

A light switch is a natural place for the next generation of smart home control for four reasons.
1. There’s a light switch in every room, so you can control everything in your house from anywhere in your house.
2. The light switch is the home control that is used most often, so it’s natural to extend its capabilities
3. There’s a power running to it, so there are no new batteries to replace.
4. Smart lighting is a fundamental smart home system. so replace the light switch with a smart home control that has native smart lighting capabilities built-in solves multiple problems at once.


Smart home adoption has “crossed the chasm” from early adopters to the mainstream, with 21% of households are now adopting smart home products and another 36% right behind them (Strategy Analytics, 2015).  But as homes become smarter, they are also becoming more difficult to use. Today’s smart home products require mobile apps (and many of them), requiring you to use your smartphone to interact with your house.  And if you are a guest in the house, or a child without a mobile phone, you can’t control it at all. Brilliant envisions a better way, where anyone can interact directly with their home by using voice, touch, or motion control right on the wall. Now no matter how smart your home gets, everyone will feel welcome.  


Brilliant: Almost the Internet of Things, Why would I need one?

  • When we ask our customers how Brilliant Controls have improved their home-life, convenience and complete home accessibility are the top answers. Anyone with smart home products knows how clumsy it is to require a mobile app every time you want to adjust something. If you have guests, a housekeeper, or children without a phone, something as simple as turning on the lights can be impossible. With Brilliant, anyone in the room can quickly set the mood with lights, music, and climate control with a simple touch or voice command. That’s much easier for you, your family, and your house guests than digging around for a mobile phone and finding the right app. Not at home and on the go? Brilliant has an iPhone app to allow you to control all the same things you can from the walls
  • And yes, Brilliant Controls do look beautiful. Each Control is elegantly designed, comes in many colours, and the digital display lets owners add personal touches like motion art, seasonal flair, or a little fun and serenity to any room.  We have many customers who use Brilliant Controls only for lighting and displaying personal photos, and they love it. It’s definitely more exciting than a plain old light switch.
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