android photo editor
android photo editor
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 Candy Camera Photo Editor

android photo editor


Candy Camera Photo Editor: This is an astonishing photograph manager that comes with a lot of unique goodies. With Candy Camera’s embellishing channels and quiet mode, You can take wonderful selfies anyplace and at whatever time!

1. Try not to pass up a great opportunity for Candy Camera’s astonishing channels –

 1,000,000 individuals bringing selfies with Candy Camera consistently!
 Channels for Selfies
2. A different scope of channels, planned, particularly for selfies –
3. Each Candy Camera channel will make your skin look stunning!
4. Swipe left and ideal to change between channels,
5. Furthermore, locate the ideal improving channel for a selfie!
6. Sweet Camera’s channels are demonstrated continuous while you take a selfie,
7. So you generally look and feel delightful with Candy Camera’s channels!
                      Candy Camera Photo Editor


Magnificence Functions
Notwithstanding the channel camera, there are extra altering instruments for the ideal selfie. Thinning, brightening, concealer, lipstick, become flushed, eyeliner, mascara!
Supervisor utilizes make-up stickers to look lovely in all your selfies.
Confection Camera is a definitive wonder instrument for selfies!
 Candy Camera Photo EditorStickers
Stickers for each season, event, and pattern!
Beautify your selfie with Candy Camera’s colossal sticker accumulation –
New stickers are being added to Candy Camera with each refresh!
You can discover adorable stickers for your selfies and creative ones for your photography.
Every sticker can be effortlessly resized and moved to utilize multi-touch!
androidwillo.comQuiet Camera
Take quiet selfies, previews, or photography anyplace you go!
Confection Camera’s quiet mode can be utilized for any event –
Never be humiliated to take a selfie, the camera is quiet!
Take various photographs for a composition!
Browse a wide range of networks and styles –
Bringing selfies with Candy Camera’s montage mode,
You’ll feel like you’re in a photograph stall with channels.
Have a great time bringing selfies with your companions!
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