Cerberus anti theft android app
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Cerberus anti-theft Android App

Cerberus anti theft android app

Cerberus anti-theft Android App or Cerberus against robbery: Think about what we are consummation this week with android telephone security and how to monitor your telephone on the off chance that you lose one, in light of the fact that losing a telephone is one of the frightful minutes throughout your life ….and to keep that we bring you…..Android app for hostile to robbery. 

What is Cerberus android application? 

Cerberus is a total hostile to robbery. The best security you can get the chance to recover your lost or stolen Android gadget. It’s not only a “discover my telephone” application or a telephone tracker, but Cerberus also has many elements that make it the ideal app to find your telephone or tablet. 

Install Cerberus and try it for nothing for one week. Then you can purchase a permit for your record from inside the app or from the web dashboard. 
It has three approaches to ensure your gadget. These are the “3 heads” of Cerberus: 
– Remote control through the site https://www.cerberusapp.com 

– Remote control by means of SMS (instant messages) from another telephone 

– Automatic cautions 

Cerberus against robbery


A remote control enables you to perform numerous operations on your lost or stolen gadget, as: 

– Locate and track it 

– Lock the gadget with a code 

– Start a noisy caution, regardless of the possibility that the gadget is set to noiseless mode 

– Display a message that stays on the screen, and furthermore make your gadget talk the message 

– Take pictures, screenshots and even record recordings, to recognize the criminal 

– Get the area history, to see where the gadget has been previously 

– Wipe the interior memory and the SD card, to ensure your own information 

– Hide Cerberus from the application drawer, so the application will be stealthy and a hoodlum won’t see the symbol 

– Record sound from the receiver 

– Get a rundown of last calls sent and got 

– Get data about mobile phone system and WiFi organize the gadget is associated with, and adjacent WiFi systems 

– Start a remote shell (SSH-like), to execute charges as though the gadget were associated with your PC with a USB link 

– And substantially more! 

Programmed ALERTS 

Cerberus can naturally perform activities when a few conditions are met. It will send email/SMS alarms in case of a sim swap. It will also email you a photograph of the criminal when they enter a wrong pattern or password. 

You can likewise set your own particular standards, see the “AutoTask” segment! From that point. You can set geo fencing (cautions when the telephone exits or enters a territory). A great deal of more programmed activities and alarms. 

Propelled FEATURES 

From inside the app design, you can empower a few choices to make troublesome for the cheat to debilitate or uninstall Cerberus. Make a point to empower the “Gadget Administration” usefulness and the “Ensure gadget administrator” choice. Additionally, you can obstruct the Power Menu to keep the thief from closing down the gadget, So no one would have access to change the settings. 

On the off chance that you have established your gadget. You can introduce Cerberus as a framework application and get numerous extra components, including complete, uninstall does remove the app and GPS when you begin following the gadget. See the Help page on our site for more data on that. 

The application works regardless of the possibility that the gadget does not have internet connection on account of remote control by SMS messages. The SIM Checker include enables you to know the new number. 

Check the app here for installation on your phones