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The Best Dot Games for Android

Dot games for Android: The Android platform isn’t just for photo app it’s a great of source creativity and mind-stimulating games. There is a good number of offline games like dots for android which are interesting and good for the brain. Today we decided to give a list of the best dot games for android and here is a simple list of dots games that you will find interesting.







1.Dots: A Game About Connecting
This is good for mind-stimulating especially if you are bored, this game is FREE to play for life. One simply need to connect the dot in a row, line or square to get things done.

dot game


how to play

1. CONNECT one dot to make a line, not a circle, or connect four dots to make a square and slash everything
2. BEAT the old time clock and connect as many dots as you can in 60 seconds or play in moves based mode and take your time while planning strategic moves
3. ADORABLE, fun, and thoughtful game design in this beautiful game about connecting
4. ENJOY beautiful minimalistic design with relaxing game music and fun sound FX
5. CHALLENGE your friends to a dots to match in multiplayer mode on Facebook or Twitter, beat their scores, earn badges, and be the champion of the leaderboard
6. PLAY a board then pass to a friend for an ultimate one on one showdown

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2.Dots & Co: A Puzzle Adventure
The second best dot game for android is Dots and co. The Games explore beautiful landscapes and embark on a visual journey by solving puzzles with magical companions that help you along the way. Are you ready, adventurer? Let’s go!


offline dots and co
android dot games
    1. FREE to play!
    2. CHALLENGE yourself with 285 NEW and completely original levels, fun for Dots loyalists and new players alike
    3. ENJOY simple, thoughtful gameplay where you connect one Dot to another and play at your pace
    4. MEET various original Companion characters that help you beat levels
    5. SOLVE clever puzzles containing over 15 visual mechanics using your wits to figure out the perfect move
    6. TRAVEL through beautiful landscapes and get lost in the world of Dots & Co
    7. PLAY beautifully
    If you loved Two Dots, you’ll love Dots & Co: where new companions and their distinct powers bring a whole new layer of magic to the game you know and love. 
Dot Games for Android #1 1

3.Blob Connect – Match Game

Blob Connect: an addictive free matching puzzle game for children and adults.
Simply connect 3 or more dots on the board and clear them. Try to make longer chains of dots/blobs to get more points.

The Best Dot Games for Android

Play this challenging match game with 135 amazing puzzles of three different types, and many types of boosters.
In some levels, you need to play until you reach a certain score. Enjoy other levels with special grey squares which need to be cleared. Catch the diamond in later game levels. Also, crosses which block the way of dots/blobs need to be crushed! Hours of entertainment guaranteed with this wonderful free puzzle game.! Play, use your brain, and use the blobs to beat your friends!


The Best Dot Games for Android






4.Mind Resolve

 Mind Resolve” is a fun, surprisingly challenging, and incredibly addicting puzzle game. You can play either “Match by Shape” or “Match by Color” in one of two modes, “Timed” or “Moves,” in which you match a combination of 6 shapes and 5 colours depending on the game and mode.

android games offline

In the “Timed” mode you have 60 seconds to make an unlimited number of connections for maximum points.
In the “Moves” mode you have only 25 moves, but time is unlimited so you can strategically plan each move for maximum points.

That’s it the best dot games for android phones. You also read google c

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