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Foodie: The Best Android Camera App for Android

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Foodie: The Best Android Camera App for Android. One of the most interesting features of all smartphone is the power of taking pictures either selfies or just other photos. In fact, most tech companies use this feature as a selling point. And get people to buy phones at a high price. If you can’t afford to buy a phone with a good camera. We introduce foodie an android app that allows one to take professional or high-quality pictures/ selfie like a pro.
The app comes with some great features though they were meant for food capturing like the name of the app implies. One can capture anything and you will love them, they will interest you ….believe me!!!

1. Free good filters for photos and video

Foodie has a good number of filters (30 plus) not just filter but powerful filters that make your photos look very nice for free. These Include the Yum, Positano, Tropical, Picnic, Sweet, Fresh, BBQ, Romantic, Crispy, and Chewy filter series. These filter can also be applied to videos…..


2. Timer for taking photos

Most camera apps don’t have this feature or it is found in pro. it is a very handy feature for people who like to position themselves perfectly before taking a picture. This feature is also free in foodie…

3. Grids 

Foodie: The Best Camera App for Android, allows one in the setting panel to activate grids which enables one to balance an object of interest at the centre when snapping a picture.


4. Flash

Amazingly this app supports flash meaning one can switch on flash when they are snapping in a dark place. This feature is not present in the back camera but also in front or selfie camera…pretty amazing right ?….


5. Blur

Foodie: The Best Android Camera App for Android, also supports blur a feature that allows one to focus attention on the target object. Making the other things in the background less visible 

6.Foodie: Mute option plus sharing button 


The last feature of this app is the option to mute camera sound. This a great to on any camera app has it will not alert people when you taking photos in public places like restaurants. So the app also allows one to share the pictures taken with family and friend inside the app via the sharing buttonandroid appsMy secret; my favourite filters are y1, y2, y3, p1,p2,p3 they do a remarkable job believe…me