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What is Google Fuchsia Os



Google Fuchsia Os is an open-source capability-based operating system currently being developed by Google. It first became known to the public when the project appeared on a self-hosted form of git in August 2016 without any official announcement. Google fuchsia Os id currently making noise in the tech industry after its discussion at Google I/O in n May 2019.  

What does the name Fuchsia mean or is it named after its developer?

The name Google Fuchsia or Fuchsia is a plant/flower that grows in the USA and it is a colour between or a combination of “Pink + Purple which equals to Fuchsia (a new Operating System). This could be Google’s latest way of naming its products or software. Like after the popular Android series which were named after sweet things but this time colours or Flowers.


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Is it also Linux based like the other Os?

In contrast to prior Google-developed operating systems such as Chrome OS and Android, which are based on the Linux kernel, Fuchsia is based on a new microkernel called Zircon. The name Zircon refers to the mineral of the same name.


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What is the way forward with Google Fuchsia and will it have developers?

On July 1, 2019, Google announced the homepage of the project, fuchsia.dev, which provides source code and documentation for the newly announced operating system. The page also gives some hints of a way to go with Fuchsia and how to go about with writing code (requirements, glossary, code of conduct etc).




What language is Fuchsia and interface?

Fuchsia is written in C, C++, Dart, Go and Rust and the interface its using is called Armadillo
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What are others saying about Google Fuchsia?

Here is what a Popular YouTuber or channel by the name of Mrwhosetheboss had to say about fuchsia in a vlog….the channel is interesting, you can subscribe for more future updates…

                                  vlog credit: Mrwhosetheboss 

What is an Armadillo?



Armadillos are animals with natural armour. In fact, its name in Spanish means “little armoured one.” The armadillo’s armour works well against most predators. An armadillo’s armour is made up of overlapping plates covering the back, head, legs and tail. source: LiveScience.com
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