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Google Launches Gallery GO 

gallery go by google

Google launches Gallery GO: The new Android App Google launched this year is for people or areas with weak/slow or unrealistic internet connection. It is the first app that Google launched in Africa. The Android app is an alternative to Google photos and only takes up 8-10 MB space on a mobile phone. The app uses the same machine learning tools like google and the following are what Gallery GO can do:

  • Organize & locate all photos one’s Phone in Snap as compared to google photos. 
  • Allows one to edit photos inside the app for fast
  • Allows one to share photos with family and friends via; Bluetooth, Social media & other sharing types.


Google Launches Gallery GO, An Offline PhotoEditor


Google Launches Gallery GO: is just the latest lightweight version of an app designed for developing markets like Nigeria, where it was launched (I guess with Africa’s internet in mind). Maybe Gallery Go will replace photos app all in  Android OS as a pre-installed Google app. Gallery GO is now Available in Playstore and works well on devices running Android 8.1 Oreo and higher. Other running lower versions of Android can’t guarantee its behaviour.
                       Video credit 9t05gogle