Google Maps 7 Uses To Check Out

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Google Maps 7 Uses To Check Out

Google Map 7 hacks you should check out: When it comes to Google Maps the average android or iPhone users knows little of how powerful the tools can be. After using it for some time have learnt that it is quite amazing to have on your phone. The app is jam-packed with a lot of cool interesting features. The following are the amazing feature of Google Map

1. Google maps for Location/ Place and Services

  • Google map for House addresses: This is one of the common uses of google maps known by a lot of android users. It allows one to locate and see different house addresses in the comfort of the living room or simply just on the go by simply installing on the phone or live the chrome browser.
  • Food Stores/ Restaurants: Google maps gives the user a chance to see different food store snd restaurants and their ratings. This makes it easy for one to find the best food place and restaurant to go and have a meal. This service is not restricted to the USA/UK but is available to most countries.
  • Banks Hosptial and Gas stations: It also allows one to easily find banks in case their need to withdraw cash, hospitals and pharmacies in case one needs to see a doctor. You may also read trending apps in the play store
google find

2. Daily Weather

Google map is not only able to clearly display the area one is in but also give one a chance to know the temperature of the environment.

google map weather

3. Create your Own Maps

Google Maps also allows it, user, to create their own custom maps which I find very interesting and I guess is a plus for travellers has the create different maps of different places they visit and restaurants and hotel they checked it can easily be marked.

4. Use Offline

Google Maps has this amazing feature that allows one to save maps for use offline, when they are not connected to the internet. This ways user can easily save on data and cost.

5. Graphical/Photos

Google map allows one to see not only the graphical point of view but also the photos of different places or structures/building.


6. Increase Visibility for Business

While most of the features have listed above save the general public. Businesses can also largely benefit from Google maps, by simply add their businesses to the Map. So are you a businessman/lady don’t sit idle get listed on found on Google Maps

7. Live or Typical Traffic

last and not least: Inside the google map, one will have access to road traffic and avoid traffic jam. This app allows seeing which are usually busy currently or over a short period of time and the days of the week when the road is usually busy.

Download from PlayStore here or get the Progressive web app called Google maps Go

These are some of the amazing feature ones can make use of with Google Maps or lightweight version called Google maps go. These could be other interesting features that have left o this post feel to comment below for updating and overall I would appreciate hearing other people view of Google Maps.

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