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Google translate for camera, text, voice.


google translate
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Google Translate With Camera: Google translate makes communication easy with its android app. This Android app allows one to overcome the language barrier people have faced for the longest time in history. In terms of understanding a different language. The app is able to translate in 103 languages by typing with connected internet and 59 offline but still a great app for having.

The following are cool features of Google Translate With Camera

1. Google translate by typing.
The app gives one the power to translate text simply by typing a given word into the input section and its get translated in a different language one has chosen.


2. Google translate by Camera

Interesting this is one of the features I love the most. It allows one to simply capturing photos and translate into any listed languages.


3.Voice or Voice to Text

This enables one to say something and it is translated to text with grammar.


4.Voice to voice

Personally, I loved this feature. It allows one to say a word and hears how it is said in other languages.

5. Handwriting
Google translate also supports handwriting, one can easily write in the pad provided below, when you press Handwriting.


These are the amazing feature google has packed in the app and more to come and more languages to be added in the future. Personally, I would recommend this to some who try to learn a new language has to world help to mean of word, text and meaning…