Huawei Mate 20X 5G
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Huawei 5G Phone: Mate 20x 

Huawei 5G Phone: Mate 20x: Huawei released the world’s first dual-mode 5G smartphone – the HUAWEI Mate 20 X (5G). The device was certified by the Global Certification Forum (GCF) in July. Making it the first 5G smartphone in the market to pass all GCF 5G tests.

Over the last few months, HUAWEI Mate 20 X (5G) passed the entire suite of tests for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G communication products required by the GCF. Proving its advanced functionality and performance.

GCF is one of the most authoritative mobile device industry certification organizations in the world. Composed of leading mobile network operators, mobile device manufacturers, chipset suppliers, testing organizations and test equipment suppliers. It has the most comprehensive and stringent mobile device certification system in the industry. Most mobile network operators in the world require mobile devices to pass GCF certification as part of their device acceptance process.

Huawei 5G Phone: Mate 20x

Balong Chip

The HUAWEI Mate 20 X (5G) smartphone has excellent 5G connectivity, through the use of a dual chipset configuration with Huawei’s latest generation 5G multimode terminal chips, the 7 nm Balong 5000 and Kirin 980, which support both the SA (Standalone) and NSA (Non-Standalone) 5G networks for the world’s first 5G dual-mode smartphone.

The HUAWEI Mate 20 X (5G) is also one of the world’s first 5G/4G Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) smartphones, meeting the needs of dual-SIM users in the 5G era while maintaining compatibility with other various network standards such as 4G, 3G and 2G.

Operating System

The HUAWEI Mate 20 X (5G) is a powerful smartphone uniquely fitted for the 5G era. The phone runs on Huawei’s newly upgraded EMUI 9.1 operating system and comes with a 7.2-inch2full-screen display equipped with the Leica matrix multi-focal imaging system to delight users. Which means the phone is currently running with android 9 pie. And, not Harmony os as most would expect because of the trade ban passed on by the Us department.

mate 20x battery

Battery Power

In addition, the HUAWEI Mate 20 X (5G) also has an excellent power management system. It is equipped with a 40 W SuperCharge as well as a 4200 mAh (typical value) high-density large-capacity battery and innovative graphene + liquid cooling system. The Huawei R&D team optimized various aspects of the phone’s power management system such as a low-power chip, low-power communication and AI smart power management to deliver improved power output results.

mate camera

Triple Cameras

Be ready for every scenario with this powerful Leica Triple Camera. The 40 MP main RGB camera captures great details, while the 8 MP camera with telephoto lens will focus on your distant shots and the 20 MP camera with Leica Ultra Wide Angle Lens is perfect for the landscape photos, groupies and macro shots.

pen on mate20

Real Pen Pal

Use the HUAWEI M-Pen4 to activate the Memo app directly from the lock screen, its 4096 high-level pressure sensitivity provides a feeling of natural penmanship to let your ideas flow.

Huawei worked with mobile network operators around the world for substantial testing on product performance and network integration. To ensure that the HUAWEI Mate 20 X (5G) delivers the best 5G smartphone user experience.

The HUAWEI Mate 20 X (5G) debuted in Switzerland. And won the recognition of mobile network operators for its support of both SA and NSA 5G modes.

So far, the HUAWEI Mate 20 X (5G) has launched in several countries. More mobile network operators in Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East adding the product in their roll-out plan. With Huawei’s leadership in 5G technologies and consistent and reliable product quality. The HUAWEI Mate 20 X (5G) will bring global consumers into the exciting 5G era with a new and improved smartphone experience.