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Huawei Harmony OS Finally Official

Harmony OS

Huawei Harmony OS: Huawei has finally launched its Operating system called Harmony OS or Hongmeng OS in Chinese. The OS has come in a period when the company is facing a trade ban by the US and promises some awesome new features not found in its rival most popular OS Android OS. The following are some of the great features that come with Harmony OS

Technical Features of Harmony OS include:

harmony os

  1. Microkernel based distributed OSIt’s made for all platforms including mobile phones, wearables, laptops, and televisions. Meaning it will be able to power different devices. It’s also open-source. Soon might see tech-companies like Oppo, MI abandon Android in their future phones.

harmony os

2. Faster than Android and Apple: The CEO announced that the new operating system (Harmony) will be faster than Android. The OS comes with something called Deterministic Latency Engine which ensures a smooth interactive experience. This is what could be making it 40-60 faster than Android as anticipated. 

hongmeng os

3. Improved security: In a 5G emerging world privacy is very important so the OS comes with advanced security features. Security of Harmony is powerful with Double shell protection. You may want to find out more about Google’s new OS Fushcia.

Huawei Harmony Os

4. It is Unified: The apps can be developed once and distributed on different devices. Harmony OS uses Huawei ARK compiler. The first static compiler that can perform on par with android’s virtual machines. Enabling developers to compile a broad range of advanced languages into machine code in a single unified environment. It may serve as a new opportunity for a developer who has found Android saturated.

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In conclusion: There is more potential for Huawei to make it big. When Asian mobile smartphone providers switch to it and Kill Android Dominance over the Decade.