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Infinix Hot 8 Review

Infinix 8 Hot

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Infinix Hot 8 review

Infinix 8 Hot


Infinix Hot 8 Review: Are you looking for the perfect Smartphone that will sort out all problem with the poor battery, camera, Stylish appearance and don’t make you stand out …Well, Infinx Hot 8 is the way to go. The Smart Phone is a classic piece packed with the latest cutting edge technology. It gives one that High sense of self, the following are the cool features that comes with the Phone.

1. Super Strong Battery:

 An upgraded battery of 5000mAh capacity provides an almost endless entertainment all day long, from streaming of movies and music to capturing the best moments and sceneries for up to 4 days without the need for a recharge.

2. Fast Charging on Infinix Hot 8:

 Spend 3 hours charging to enjoy up to 4 days battery life for an almost infinite entertainment. Charge your battery rapidly through the 2A fast charge option.

3. Controlled Power Consumption:

 Battery Lab adopting AI intelligence helps optimize power conservation without compromising user experience. Its operation entails continual learning of a user’s habit, the apps they spend most time in, and thereby through collaborative sensors and CPU, execute an intelligent power saving strategy, creating a 10% increase in overall standby time.

3. High Definition Visual:

 A wider screen ensures you enjoy watching movies with a theatre like experience. Enjoy gaming in a whole new style on the extended immersive screen which allows for the visibility of most of the graphic details within the phone. The screen resolution is an impressive 720/1600 with the screen to body ratio being an outstanding 20:9.

4. Super Capture: 

Capture beautiful images with more details for the distance and depth thanks to the 13MP triple rear camera with a Quad Flash. The infused new AI software technology enhances the overall beauty of the resultant images. The camera come enhanced with the PDAF autofocus function with an F1.8 aperture.

5. Optimized sound in Infinix hot 8: 

Nothing can rival the positive inspirational feelings elicited to the soul by good sound, get your dose courtesy of our DIRAC mode speakers, fully customized for rich clear sound to uplift your spirits in times of anxiety. for more 

6. Optimized XOS Performance: 

Android 9 harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to give you more from your phone. Now its smarter, faster and adaptative including adaptive battery, adaptive brightness as well as adaptability to your routine.

*Enjoy the new Yo party app, vskit app as well as Xshare app for sharing files.

6. Tailor-made for Games: 

Game Mode Mobile customization creates a more fascinating gaming experience, with different modes of quality priority, equilibrium mode and smooth mode being on offer. The frame rate speed has increased by up to 125% and gaming time extended by up to 113% on a single charge due to optimized power consumption, and an overall wi-fi access time increase of 6.7%. 


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