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Kai Os Everything you want to Know

Kai Os Everything you want to Know

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Kai Os Everything you want to Know

Kai OS is a new operating system developed by A US-based company Kai Technologies. It is a light mobile operating system based on Linux like the famous Android OS. According to its reports, half of the world does not use the internet due to lack of funds to buy the required gadgets like smartphones/tablets etc. The OS is targeted for developing nations or regions of the world that find owing an expensive smartphone as a luxury. By bringing reinvented Feature-phones like Jio-phones and Nokia 8110 with robust tech at a cheap price. 


The following are things that come packed with KiaOS

1. Working on/ Targeted for feature Phones?

The phrase “Feature Phones” means a mobile phone that incorporates features such as the ability to access the Internet and store and play music but lacks the advanced functionality of a smartphone. Like earlier stated half of the world may consider a smartphone a luxury because of the prices they fetch. Kia’s technologies decided to reinvent the wheel by equipping the feature phones which most people can buy with advanced features like cutting edge technologies of 4G internet etc…so the key here most of the people in the world can afford to buy Feature phones, what more if they get advanced.

2. Kai OS Store

Kai OS store like play store for Google is packed with a lot of apps that one is already familiar, but the apps on KaiOs may not function like most Android apps of the advanced smartphone. Other apps found on KaiOs store are apps developed by the owner themselves.

3. Long Battery life

When it comes to smartphones and the internet, battery life is a big issue which also applies to KaiOs. One would think because the phones are cheap does not mean the battery has less life or won’t last. The company has equipped the Kia OS phone with strong battery life.

4. Cutting Edge Connections

Kai OS supports powerful features like 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, NFC, and QWERTY keyboards. It is based on open-standard HTML5 and allows CSS and Javascript. In fact, our OS is so light that it can even run on phones with just 256MB of memory.

Who is KaiOs Phone for 

1. Kai OS is meant for developing markets like Africa and other regions of the world where Expensive Smartphones may consider as a luxury.
2. Elderly people in society who find an ordinary smartphone hard to handle, kai os phones come with buttons.
3. Kai OS is also meant for customers with low literacy levels as well as those who find it difficult to navigate on a touch-screen. The available apps have been developed keeping that in mind and can be completely operated through physical buttons.

Anything for Developers

On a lighter note, KaiOs offer developers a chance to feature their apps on the kai OS store and may offer ads as a way for developers to earn from their apps. This may also serve an opportunity for upcoming developers who find the play store saturated.
kai os


Kai OS devices are available in various markets globally.
  • India, Indonesia

Algeria, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo,Egypt, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia

Middle East
  • Qatar, Saudi Arabia
Latin America
  • Brazil, Mexico
North America
  • United States, Canada

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