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Live Transcribe Best Android App for Deaf #1

Live Transcribe Android app
Live Transcribe Android app

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Live Transcribe the Best Android App for Deaf or Hearing Impaired.

Live Transcribe Android app
Live Transcribe Android app

Live Transcribe Android App: Hello everyone, today I’m sharing an interesting app that I found on the PlayStore is an Android app and it’s one of the best Android apps for the year ending 2019. It’s one of the apps a lot of people were suffering from hearing impaired or they commonly knew people as Deaf.  

This app is coming in as a handy tool for deaf people cos it’s able to quickly put what one is saying into text or live transcribe a conversation. It’s helps a lot when you can’t really get what people are saying because of hearing loss. I would recommend it for people with hearing impairment. The app is produced by Google research team and I’m sure they’re making it available in almost all Android phones in the latest edition

It is already on the pixel 3 if you go to the accessibility section you’ll be able to find live transcribe I’m sure you can make great use of that functionality in the latest Android mobile phones. If you don’t have that feature yet or your android version is outdated try downloading the app from google play store.

Live Transcribe comes with a few customizations and features like: 

  1. Making the screen dark or light.
  2. Changing the size font from small to big.
  3. Save the text up to 3 days which is quite amazing this app can also become a very good and interesting up for writers as they will not be like spending time write text.
  4. Allow typing whatever you want….
  5. Supports 70 languages and dialects.
  6. support switching up your two languages which are quite a very impressive apart from that the app. You may also read Avast anti-Virus apps here

Get it Here on GooglePlay store  

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