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Mudita Pure

mudita Pure

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Mudita Pure is a premium minimalistic phone designed to limit digital distractions and to improve your wellbeing in the modern world. With an ultralow Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) head value of 0.08 W/kg, a sleek design, an E Ink display, and a battery that is estimated to last up to two weeks, Mudita Pure is the perfect solution for those who want to stay connected while maintaining a healthy relationship with their phone.

Mudita Pure

The Following are Interesting Features of Mudita Pure


​Minimalistic design for simple living. Designing Mudita Pure was a challenge. The more simple and clean we made the design, the more difficult it was to manufacture. It took us around 18 months to find the final look and included the creation of more than 40 different proposals. Yeah, yeah, maybe we overdid it. What can we say, we are perfectionists.

Mudita Pure

A dedicated slider for convenient change between customizable modes

Mudita Pure

Keep it up to use the classic Connected mode

Mudita Pure

Set in the middle to activate the Do Not Disturb mode, customized to your preferences:

Mudita Pure

Toggle down for the Offline mode

Mudita Pure

Comfortable, ergonomic keyboard

Mudita Pure

2-color flashlight

Mudita Pure


Music for your ears. We don’t want to be living in a world of unpleasant and intrusive alarms and ringtones. We decided to take special care to ensure that Pure will sound pleasant and uninterrupting.

Mudita Pure


We all seem to have accepted the fact that phones need to be charged every day, adding this ritual to our life. At Mudita, we say “no” to that. We had enough of important calls getting cut off by a dead battery, scrambling to find the power adapter or carrying bulky power bank.

Mudita Pure


We were surprised when we found that most feature phone modems support very limited bandwidths dedicated to specific geographical areas. This is the result of the progression of radio frequency adoption over the years, from 2G to LTE.

Mudita Pure

Pure as data modem

Keep your internet on your desk, not in your pocket. Do not get us wrong, we are not against the use of technology or the internet itself. We are against the overuse of it, especially mobile internet. We just think that surfing the web with a decent screen and physical keyboard is simply more productive and comfortable.

Mudita Pure can serve as a data modem for your notebook or desktop computer. We decided to enable tethering via USB C cable so that Pure can be used as an external GSM modem. This was a decision made to further minimize the SAR value of Pure. We consciously chose not to equip Pure with a mobile internet browser as this device supports living an offline life.

Mudita Pure

Mudita Operating System

MuditaOS is a very light operating system created in-house by some brilliant minds. It was tailored for the E Ink display and for great power efficiency. The system itself is designed to be minimalistic and not distracting to help you concentrate on what matters most to you. MuditaOS is ready for digitally signed updates.

mudita os

Security, privacy, transparency

Privacy abuse or misuse of provided data is too commonly overlooked by tech companies. Bearing that in mind, we built Mudita Pure to be safe, cutting the use of data makes our task easier. We will provide a desktop app for MacOS, Linux and Windows. There is no camera and no Internet browser. Microphone, Bluetooth etc. can be switched off. Mudita values full transparency and is ready to answer all questions.

In Conclusion this an interesting feature to look for in the year 2020, more can be found their main page and you can also make a pre-order in Indiegogo

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