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Google primer: A digital Nomad Learning App

Google primer
credit: ElearningSuperstars

Google primer is an android app made by the giant tech company Google for learning. It is an easy and fast way of mastering or learning some digital skills like marketing as well as business so fast or in snap has it provide one with easy to learn and track learning tips for every skill related. The content written in the apps is curated and created by the Google team working on the app. The company has further worked with the industry’s expert in bringing in the latest and most reliable lessons, tips, strategies and tutorials.

When one opens the app they will find a list of topic to choose from, with icons and lesson category. The following are the lesson category one will find in the app.

1. Business Planning

There is a lot of business planning related tips in the category that one may learn how to start a business, find the right idea to work on, choosing the best partners and som much in getting ready to start a business.

2. Selling 

Next is the selling category, this category has a lesson on how to start and how to go about selling the product one is making and how to market for special event and holidays, ideas on how to map customer’s journey with your products, making a sale with the art of speech or pitching.

3. Business management 

This category addresses the way forward in term of business management, team building, in fact, this section helped me a lot with team management, how to collaborate while working remotely.

4. Startup 

There is a lot of lesson in the start-up category that one might enjoy or find useful. Interesting lessons from this section are crowdfunding via email, use prototypes to fail intelligently.

5. Branding and customers

this section addresses all aspect of branding, how to make your products stand out, how your personality affects your products, use of the media. It also talks about how engages with your customers.

6. Digital 

Technology is changing the world and it’s affecting business transactions. G .P also addresses the need to know more about eCommerce; digital marketing, email marking etc

Overall say

This is a great app to have on the phone to be updated with trends in the everchanging world, the app works offline so no need to worry about data and can be used by anyone due to the simplicity of the lessons.

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