sda hymnal with music

 SDA Hymnal Apps for android

"sda hymnal with music

01 SDA Hymnal by faith unfeigned

This app is great, the look and feel are amazing both on phones and tabs with easy navigation. Moreover, the Seventh Day Adventist Hymnal contains all 695 songs (Lyrics and MIDIs. This hymnal comes with a widget that allows you to play and listen to all the midi files on your home screen. Also provides you with Sabbath Times and reminders for your location. you might also the best 10 Seventh-day Adventist Android Apps


  1. Other features include:
  2. Lyrics to all of the 695 hymns
  3. Midis to all of the 695 hymns
  4. Lyrics to the Old Hymnal
  5. Topical Index
  6. SDAH widget that plays midis
  7. Search hymn- By Number, By Title, By Words
  8. Sabbath Times and Reminders 
sda hymnal with music

2. Christ In Songs SDA hymnal app

Another great SDA hymnal android app is Christ In Songs this app contains lyrics and audio of the Seventh Day Adventist. Christ In Songs’ Hymnal with all 300 songs that were translated to Vernacular.
1.  Has the option for you to set the hymnal to your desired language.
Available Languages include English, Shona, Ndebele/IsiZulu, IsiXhosa, Tswana, Sotho, Chichewa, Venda, Swahili and Tonga.
2. Hymnals: Christ In Song, Kristu MuNzwiyo, UKrestu Esihlabelelweni, UKristu Engomeni, Keresete Mo Kopelong more.
android app for music

3. Klistu Mu Nyimbo bemba version 

Third SDA hymnal android app is the Klistu Mu Nyimbo. This his is the bemba version of the well known Christ in songs. The SDA Hymnal Apps with Music app is perfect for all who love singing in Bemba, it contains all the features of the Christian songs app.
sda hymnal with music
The fourth SDA android hymnal android app is SDA Hymnal. The app is  nicely designed, it looks and feels is awesome, the navigation is good but may not the best of it due to phone compatibility, it contains almost all the song

Key features 

  1. Favourites list
  2. Edit all hymns
  3. Search song by number, title and lyrics
  4. Midi files for ALL songs
  5. Material design
So that’s it the list of SDA hymnal android apps with music or tones to accompany the lyrics or hymns