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Set Up internet settings in Zambia

internet setting in zambia
internet setting in zambia

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How to set up internet settings on Android Phones in Zambia

Set Up internet settings in Zambia: So you want your newly acquired smartphone to access the internet to chat with friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Wechat or upload your images or docs to the cloud servers etc. Then this the post is for you has it’s going to show you how to manually set up internet settings in your android phones, simply just follow the steps below.  

Here’s our step by step guide on how to set up internet settings on an Android smartphone or tablets.

Set Up internet settings in Zambia

Step One

Navigate to the settings menu of your Android smartphone. This can be done via a setting icon in the apps menu on any Android device and sometimes via the notifications bar.

  Set Up internet settings in Zambia

Step Two

In the settings menu, you need to find the wireless and network settings. On most devices, click the ‘More’ button but this might not be the same for your specific device.

Step Three 

Once you have found the wireless and network settings, click on the Mobile Networks button.

 Step Four

Make sure the mobile data option is ticked. This might solve your problem but if not, click on Access Point Names (APN).

Step Five 

You might already have a list of different APNs to choose from if your phone is was used by someone. If this doesn’t work then click the menu or option button in the corner and select New APN.

Set Up internet settings in Zambia

Step six

In the new menu that comes under APN enter the details in the following manner:


Name= just any but   preferably internet

APN = internet

Proxy= maintain the zero’s

Port   =0000, 8080

Usernames= leave blank

Password= leave blank

APN type= default 

other stuff leaves it the way it is.

Set Up internet settings in Zambia

 Step seven

 Click the menu button and save the new settings and ensure that you have selected the sim for mobile data. If this doesn’t work contact your services provider for internet.


DONE: Congrats you have now set up internet on android phone



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