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The Best 5 Wallpaper Apps for Android

WallPaper Apps for Android,
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Wallpaper Apps for Android: These are interesting wallpaper apps to have on our phones, they easily enable us to add beautiful HD images to the big screen. They make our android phone look beautiful and unique. Finding the best android wallpaper apps can be a maddening process, especially that there a lot in the play store and new ones are added every day. In fact, each review one gets to read or watch on youtube talks about new apps thereby creating a bit of confusion, has to which wallpaper app should one go download…That’s why we decided to write a review on the best 5 android wallpaper Apps.

1. Dope walls 

Dope Walls is an interesting android app for wallpapers, the app has a huge number of 4k wallpapers and HD background. The user interface is intuitive and the wallpapers are stored in different categories, one can either check the latest, trending or click a category to specifically choose. My favourite category is  Abstract, I like the illustrations and background of wallpapers in that section. One can even set the wallpaper for the phones whilst in the app or download it.
WallPaper Apps

2. Wallpaper Apps for Android Creative

Coming second is creative, which is not just an android wallpaper app but also a community. Aside from having access to beautiful HD wallpaper one can create a profile, upload pictures that can be accessed liked by the community…One can also edit photos inside creative (more like having a photo editor). if you are up to sharing with the world, Walli is the way to go. Walli also has a good number of ring tones. 
WallPaper Apps for Android

3. Walli

Like creative, Walli is also another exciting android app for wallpapers, the app allows one to create a profile with facebook, google or just email. The app has a good number of 4k/Hd wallpapers that one can choose to use on their phones or download. The pictures on walli are great and will definitely change the looks of your smartphones. One can even choose to become a Walli artist and earn a small percentage for the contribution of quality pics, check the app for more.

4. AmoledWalls

This a popular and amazing wallpaper android app. The app is made up of different categories where wallpapers are sorted, it also supports live AMOLED wallpapers. Amoledwalls also allows one to set up wallpaper directing inside the apps, one feature I didn’t see is the download feature, so if you want to save a picture maybe screenshot will help…The other I noted about this app is that at times it can be slow to apply the wallpaper.
WallPaper for Android

5. Word Cloud

last and not least is my personal favourite, Word cloud. This is a very interesting wallpaper android app that allows one to make wallpapers with words. One has to write a set of different words and that create a cloud of those words worth different shape. I personally like this because make easy for me to create wallpapers with keywords for blogs, positive words for motivation. 
That’s it, these are five best android apps for wallpapers. Hope you liked the apps and always remember your phone is not a database of all play store.