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Waet App review

Waet App


Waet app has made banking nowadays easy for people using Bank of the West mobile to access their funds with the use of an android app called waet. This app (waet ) allows one to be a master of their money by making the process of financial management efficiently. This is the latest or trending hack that most bank should go for has mobile is the way to go. Nowadays nearly everyone has access to a smartphone and would prefer doing everything on the go.


The following are great features of the waet app

1. Sign in and bank securely with Fingerprint Sign In, Mobile PIN or password. 
This app comes with some cutting edge technology of allowing users to sign with a fingerprint which is great has no can imitate your finger or guess it, making more secure.
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2. Waet app allows one to Send money, make payments, transfer and deposit funds on the go: 

• Quickly send money to almost anyone you know in the U.S. via their email or U.S. mobile number with Zelle®.
• View or modify scheduled payments and more with Bill Pay. Take a photo of your bill and they will do the rest.
• Easily move money between Bank of the West accounts and accounts at other banks.
• Deposit checks through the app and email yourself a receipt that has an image of the check. Also, verify and view images of cleared checks.
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3.View and manage your accounts wherever you are:

  1. • Manage your credit and debit cards: set travel notifications, activate new cards, change your PIN or order a new card.
  2. Access up to 7 years’ worth of checking, savings, CD and credit card account statements online. Manage your paperless preferences. 
  3. View account balances and recent transactions without having to sign in using Quick Balance. 
  4. Quickly lookup a transaction without endless scrolling using our search bar. Just type in first few letter or numbers to activate a search. 
  5. Find Bank of the West locations near you with our ATM and Branch Locator.
Waet App
Their Security COMMITMENT
We put the safety and security of your personal and financial information first. We:
  1.  Never store confidential information or account numbers on your mobile device.
  2.  Use industry-standard data encryption to protect your transactions.  
  3.  Prompt you to verify your sign-in information after 5 minutes of inactivity. 
  4.  Block your mobile banking access if your device is lost or stolen. 
For your protection: our Android app now has a security feature that analyzes and combats potential risks to your mobile device. To ensure the app is as safe and secure as possible, we will ask for your consent to make and manage phone calls. 
Most people complain of a problem with signing in or log in to access the app.
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